We put all our experience at the disposal of our clients.

Our additive systems allow us to tailor concrete solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients’ projects.

Our GLASSIPSUM+ system enables us to create concrete where water gently touches the surface without becoming an intruder.

Concrete is constantly exposed to the elements, which can lead to attacks from sulfates, CO2, and other factors.

This makes orthodox repair with repair materials under the umbrella of the 1504 standard essential in order to maintain their mechanical properties and improve their exposure to the elements.


Carbon fiber reinforcements

The confinement of pillars with carbon fiber elements allows for a reduction in the transverse deformation of concrete, thereby increasing its load-bearing capacity.

The new forces exerted on beams, particularly at the column intersections, allow for shear reinforcement using carbon fiber fabric systems.

The new demands on a structure enable the bonding of carbon fiber laminates in the positive and negative moment regions, aiming to reinforce concrete elements such as beams and slabs against bending.