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Concrete is the most significant investment that a property makes in its infrastructure

That is why it is extremely important to protect it in order to extend and maintain the service performance for which it was designed

One way to do this is by protecting our concrete with polyurea systems, which help safeguard our concrete from the exposure it faces to outdoor conditions, as well as from attacks such as carbon dioxide, sulfates, etc.

Water is an element as necessary as it is bothersome when we need to protect ourselves from it.

If you’re looking for permanent solutions, our polyurea-based systems will allow you to protect your projects, constructions, and even your home.

Roof coverings

Underground structures

New projects involve new challenges.

In modern engineering, many buildings construct their foundations at significant depths below the water table, which can pose challenges during their execution

At Apipsum, we have different systems that allow us to waterproof the concrete from the source using our Glassproofing additive, along with all the necessary treatments for the different elements of a construction where water flows pose challenges for concreting and building waterproofing.

Swimming pools are construction elements with very high demands.

Its design and execution must allow that while providing service to users, they must prevent the water they contain from being lost among the different construction elements.

For new structures, we recommend our Glassproofing concrete additive, which allows us to waterproof the concrete from the source

We also have continuous systems that create a waterproof layer between the substrate and the tile.

If your swimming pool is experiencing continuous water loss, the best way to waterproof it without removing the elements attached to the concrete, along with the associated cost and labor, is to use Reimper. With our Polyurea systems, we can provide a jointless and durable waterproofing solution for your pool.

Swimming pools