Wind power

The wind energy sector is one of the strong drivers in the use of carbon fiber, along with other materials, for the construction of cabins and blades that are highly resistant to atmospheric conditions and require
minimal maintenance.

The sector consumes a wide range of fabrics in the production of components for wind turbines. The production of blades (along with other crucial structural elements) for wind energy generation represents the largest consumption sector in the world for Multiaxial fabrics. These fabrics are essential and nearly irreplaceable for achieving optimal performance in wind turbines.

New projects involve new challenges.

In modern engineering, many buildings construct their foundations at significant depths below the water table, which can pose challenges during their execution

At Apipsum, we have different systems that allow us to waterproof the concrete from the source using our Glassproofing additive, along with all the necessary treatments for the different elements of a construction where water flows pose challenges for concreting and building waterproofing.


Grouting fixation

To ensure the safety and durability of structures such as wind turbines, it is necessary to secure them to their concrete foundations.

How to fix them?

What materials do you need?

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